Second DUI charges are treated much more harshly than a first DUI under the laws in Georgia.  While the lookback window is technically 10 years, prosecutors have access to your whole record, to the beginning of time, and often bring up and use a DUI that can be 15, 20, or more years old in crafting their plea agreements.  Nothing in the law prevents the prosecutor’s plea deal from being harsher, since the 10-year window only discusses required minimum terms.

On a second DUI in 10 years, you are facing all the same requirements of a first DUI conviction, plus:

  1. A minimum of 3 days in jail (though this is becoming more and more unrealistic in a lot of counties, who frequently demand either DUI Court of 10-30 days in jail)
  2. 240 hours of community service
  3. SCRAM or ETG alcohol monitoring for 90-120 days all the way up to 1-2 years
  4. Ignition interlock device on your vehicle (required by law on 2 in 5 DUI)
  5. Increased probation ranging from 24-36 months
  6. Mandatory minimum of 17 week ASAM 1 treatment courses

You are also facing increased fines, fees and surcharges, as well as paying probation for every month you are on active probation- even if that is for 24 to 36 months.

We Don’t Simply Plead Guilty to Second DUI Charges

While the punishments on a second DUI are certainly harsher, we work with clients with multiple DUI convictions almost daily in order to not only defend their case, but actively get them into the right treatment providers’ hands to help assess their needs and be proactive in their defense.

A second DUI is not the time to hire a brand new lawyer, or one that dabbles in DUI defense when their divorce business is slow.  Prosecutors can smell an inexperienced lawyer from a mile away, and will use that to their advantage, particularly in a multiple DUI case.

Discuss Your DUI With Us

If you have been charged with a second, or subsequent DUI charge, give us a call today to discuss your defense.  We will speak to you one on one and be upfront about our thoughts on your case’s strengths, pitfalls, and how we would proactively defend you.  We will also discuss what steps must be taken to defend your driver’s license while we analyze your case.  We can be reached at (404) 590-6642.