In 2008, nearly 30% of motor vehicle fatalities on Georgia’s roadways were alcohol related.  Of surrounding states, only Florida’s fatality rate was higher.  With between 400-500 alcohol related driving deaths each year, Georgia law enforcement, and prosecutors take an extremely tough stance on DUI cases, with the goal in 100% of new cases to earn a DUI conviction through a guilty plea.  If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Georgia’s courts, the opposition wants and expects you to plead guilty to the charge and accept the punishment that comes along with a guilty plea.

If you have never had interaction with the criminal defense system in Georgia, you will discover that you are entering a whole new world.  The prosecutors and court personnel treat you like a criminal – their goal is efficiency, not politeness.  Further, the criminal defense system is an adversarial system – both the defense and the prosecution seek victory, not  “justice.”

While you truly may not be a threat to anyone and this DUI arrest may be a once in a lifetime mistake, do not expect any prosecutor or judge to give you a break.   I have personally represented doctors, other lawyers, business executives, medical personnel, military veterans, and the like, and no prosecutor has ever been willing to let a DUI charge ‘slip by’ or go unnoticed because of the client’s status.  Even on a first ever DUI charge, with no other criminal or traffic record, prosecutors want convictions in Georgia.

Defending those accused with DUI and similar crimes is all I do. With hundreds of cases under my belt, I am willing and prepared to defend your case and fight every step of the way.  Whether your case has a breath test, an alleged refusal of chemical testing, field sobriety tests, or no field sobriety tests, it is my job to pick apart the case, identify the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and help you decide on a defense strategy.

Call me directly or fill out my contact form on this website and lets get started in your defense today.  There is zero charge for an initial consultation and I am happy to lay out your best defense strategy for you.