In the State of Georgia, a DUI charge is not your average ‘traffic ticket’ capable of being open and closed without a court appearance or significant punishment.  Under Georgia law, even a first DUI charge is a misdemeanor crime, requiring jail time and staying on your criminal history, or rap sheet, forever.  DUI convictions in Georgia also result in heavy fines, probation time, alcohol counseling, and other time consuming restraints.

Since 2008 I  have devoted my practice to defending DUI and criminal misdemeanor and felony cases in the courts of  Atlanta and surrounding areas.  Prior to opening my  firm, I was an associate attorney at one of the busiest DUI defense firms in the Atlanta area.   During the almost three years I was there, I personally handled or assisted with several hundred DUI cases in just about every court handling DUI in the Atlanta area.

“Evan was a great lawyer and was there to answer any questions I had. He worked hard on my case and asked me to trust him, I’m very thankful I did because in the end he got my case completely dismissed.”

My experience has been that all DUI arrests will have weaknesses or flaws in the arrest procedure.  These flaws can provide the negotiating leverage necessary to work out a reasonable deal with the prosecutor.   Further, every DUI court has its own practices and procedures and having practiced in all of these courts, I can provide you insight as to what will likely happen next.   With NHTSA training in field sobriety, and many hours of in-class and hands on training in how machines such as Georgia’s Intoxilyzer 5000 and the Intoxilyzer 9000 work, I have extensive knowledge about the science and method behind the procedures used.

“Evan is the man! He worked hard and did what he needed to do to get the job done. From what I was told over and over by everyone is a DUI in Forsyth is stuck! No getting out! Evan got mine reduced to a Reckless and I thank him!!”

There is no charge for a consultation to go over the facts and circumstances of your DUI arrest.  Simply call me directly at (404) 590-6642, or fill out the initial contact form on my website and lets get started in your defense.  With the high-stakes nature of DUI defense in Georgia’s courts, you must have a skilled and DUI experienced attorney by your side.  Call me today and we will lay out a course for your defense.