What Special Rules Apply in DUI Cases for Drivers Under Age 21

Under Georgia’s DUI laws, minors are defined as anyone less than 21 years of age.  For those Georgia drivers under 21, the DUI laws are significantly more rigid, and a ‘zero tolerance’ law is enforced.  Under Georgia’s DUI statute, no minors may drive a moving vehicle with an alcohol concentration of 0.02 grams or more of alcohol in their bloodstream.  The .02 margin is built in due to the limitations Georgia’s breath testing machines encounters- they simply are not accurate enough and can produce false positives at levels lower than this .02 threshold.   With this being said, minors charged with DUI are still facing:

  1. Serve at least 24 hours of actual incarceration
  2. Perform 40 hours of community service (within 60 days)
  3. Serve 12 months on probation, usually reporting at least once a month to a probation officer
  4. Be subjected to random drug and alcohol screens for the probation period
  5. Abstain from the use of alcohol and drugs for the probation period
  6. Attend a 20 hour, in-class Georgia Risk Reduction Program (DUI School)
  7. Pay fines of no less than $300.00, not including costs and surcharges

In addition, the Georgia Department of Driver Services will suspend the Georgia driver’s license of driving privileges of a minor as follows:

  1. 6 month ‘hard’ suspension with no limited permits if .02-.08 breath alcohol content, or no test given
  2. 12 month ‘hard’ suspension with no limited permit if .08+ breath alcohol content or driver refused chemical testing

If you’re under 21 and facing a DUI charge, it becomes even more critical that you hire a competent DUI attorney to guide you through the court system, fighting your case and protecting your rights as much as possible.  The restrictions on your driver’s license alone are much more severe than for over 21 drivers, with no limited, or hardship permits ever being issued, no matter what your situation- high school, college, internships and jobs- none of these activities allow you to get any license privileges to attend.