Under Georgia DUI laws, there is now 10 year look back window for DUI arrests.  This means that when a judge or prosecutor is determining the minimum punishment for a guilty plea, or guilty verdict in your case, they will see how many previous DUI’s you’ve encountered, counting back 10 years.  While this 10 year look back window determines minimum punishments under Georgia law, prosecutors and judges may still require more punishment than the minimum, even if your prior arrests were outside of the look back period.  The look back period just sets out minimum punishments, but does not limit the power of the court to impose far more severe punishments.

On a second DUI within the past 10 years Georgia DUI laws are requiring, at a minimum:

Criminal Implications

  1. Serve a minimum of 72 hours of actual incarceration (usually 10-30 days)
  2. Perform 240 hours of community service (30 days)
  3. Serve 12 months on probation, usually reporting at least once a month to a probation officer
  4. Be subjected to random drug and alcohol screens for the probation period
  5. Abstain from the use of alcohol and drugs for the probation period
  6. Attend a 20 hour, in-class Georgia Risk Reduction Program (DUI School)
  7. Pay fines of no less than $300.00, not including costs and surcharges
  8. Complete a clinical evaluation for substance abuse issues
  9. Picture and DUI arrest information published in local paper (2nd in 5 years)


Diving Implications (if 2 within 5 years)

  1. 12 months with no driver’s license and no hardship, or limited permit
    6 months with ignition interlock device installed on all vehicles you own or drive
    Surrender all vehicle tags to Georgia Department of Driver Services for min. of 12 months