The average law enforcement officer in Georgia has attended, at a minimum, a week of grueling training in making DUI arrests. These same officers make DUI arrests day in and day out, frequently making upwards of 100 arrests a year. Needless to say, they have plenty of experience both in and out of court, gaining convictions on Georgia DUI arrests.

With the cards stacked against you, it is simply foolish to take the gamble and attempt to defend any arrest, especially a DUI arrest in Georgia. Cops, prosecutors, Judges, probation officers; all of these figures know the ins and outs of their jobs and are typically effective at what they do. Every detail of your case, from obtaining a police report, to negotiating a 1205 hearing with the arresting officer, to possibly striking a jury requires a skill, knowledge and experience that only a seasoned DUI practitioner will have acquired.

When looking for an attorney, remember they will be telling the story of your innocence. They will be the ones to paint the picture for the courtroom to see, as opposed to the arresting officer, who will likely be acting like you were nothing but a drunk, and were certainly incapable of driving a car safely. Look for an attorney who takes the time to listen to your side of things, not one who simply tells you how your case is going to work. Hiring a DUI defense attorney will be one of the most important decisions you make, so be sure you are comfortable and confident in the attorney that is representing you.