In short, YES, you do need an attorney. I have talked with many, many people who have unknowingly gone into a courtroom and ended up pleading their case unsuccessfully, and then making things worse.  For example, a common mistake I see involves Georgia administrative license suspension hearings.  Simply handling the administrative hearing the wrong way, or not having one at all, will almost surely get your Georgia driver’s license suspended for one year, without the possibility of having even a hardship permit. Even on the worst DUI cases, where you want to plead guilty in move on, having an experienced DUI attorney who knows the system will ease things and make your situation run as smoothly as possible.

In initial consults I discuss the ‘best case’, ‘worst case’, and what I call ‘realistic expectations’ with potential clients. I do not believe in telling potential clients what they want to hear, just to get hired on their case, and then selling them down the river when it comes time to make decisions in court. At the very least, even if your 99% sure you are going to plea guilty to DUI, you need an experienced DUI attorney who can handle the Georgia criminal court, Georgia probation matters, and Georgia license suspension issues for you, thus making your punishment as minimal as possible. Under Georgia law, there are a host of conditions that come along even with a first DUI plea and you will want someone to navigate you through successfully fulfilling these conditions so your case can be successfully closed.