If you are facing Georgia DUI charges, your case will have many timelines that must be met in order to defend your freedom and privileges such as your driver’s license. With so much on the line, one of the first lines of business is to gather all of the evidence against you in order to effectively evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case and determine defense plan.

Through the Georgia Open Record Act, and Georgia discovery laws, as well as local jurisdiction policies, it is crucial to gather all available evidence coming from your DUI arrest. Police reports, videos, audio recordings, and information relating to your chemical tests (usually your breath or blood test) are all items that must be collected in order to defend your charges.

As a defense attorney practicing exclusively in DUI defense and criminal defense, I know how to get ahold of this evidence as quickly as possible. Motions to the prosecutor demanding all of the evidence in your case are promptly sent, as well as an investigation and gathering any evidence that maybe available through the Georgia Open Records Act. While the Act does have an exception that exempts providing records where a prosecution is pending, having a knowledge of which agencies will and will not use the exemption allows me to usually obtain vital documents much quicker in your pending DUI case, as sometimes the discovery maybe months down the road.

Call me today if you have been charged with DUI in Georgia, or any other criminal offense. I will discuss the first steps in defending your case and gathering the state’s evidence at no charge to you. You can fill out a contact form on this page, or call me directly at 404.642.6333 to get started.