Judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys alike will strongly urge that you have a defense attorney representing you on any DUI charges in the State of Georgia.  With mandatory jail time, community service and stiff fines, among other requirements set by Georgia law, it is essential to have a skilled DUI attorney to represent you and navigate you safely through our justice system.  Whether your case is in a municipal court, recorder’s court, magistrate, or state court, Georgia law applies to all jurisdictions and is equally harsh throughout these courts.

Having a skilled attorney comb through and defend your case is essential, even if you feel like you are in a ‘no win’ situation, or have a horrible case that will surely result in a guilty verdict or plea to DUI.  I have represented clients in many cases where the state’s evidence was seemingly strong, only to later have it crumble, allowing for a favorable outcome for my clients.  Breath tests, blood tests, and even your alleged refusal to take a chemical test must all meet certain standards- they do not automatically come into your case as admissible evidence against you.  After defending hundreds of these cases, I have developed an eye for spotting potentially fatal problems with the state’s case, and have the expertise necessary to use this to your advantage.

Another key reason to have a skilled DUI attorney defend your case is to walk you safely through the Georgia Department of Driver Services’ (DDS) requirements for salvaging your Georgia driver’s license or right to drive in Georgia.  Deadlines, court hearings, and negotiations are all typically necessary to save your driver’s license when facing DUI charges in Georgia.  If you have allegedly refused testing, it becomes all the more important to act quickly and have a devoted attorney on your case.

If you have been arrested for DUI, even if your case seems to you to be a ‘no win’ case, call me today and I will discuss your options and best path of defense.  Simply walking into court and pleading guilty is simply too risky and carries many collateral consequences.  I am happy to speak with you one-on-one and show you the different angles that must be looked at in defending your DUI case.