Yes, I offer a free case review for anyone charged with DUI in North Georgia.  I know from my representation of hundreds of clients over the past several years that anyone who is arrested and charged with DUI will have lots of questions:

  • what is the worst case scenario?
  • what do you know about the judge and prosecutor in the county or city where I have been charged?
  • is there any hope that I can win and have all charges dismissed?
  • what happens next and how long will the process drag on?
  • is there any hope of a plea bargain to a lesser offense?
  • are there any steps I can take now, after arrest, to improve my chances?
  • how much is this going to cost me, both in legal fees and in possible fines?
  • do I have any chance at keeping my driver’s license no matter what the outcome?
  • how do I request an administrative hearing to avoid a driver’s license suspension?

While a ten or fifteen minute conversation will not solve your DUI problem, I can assure you that the time you spend on the phone with me or in my office will give you some peace of mind.  Just knowing the nature and extent of the legal problems you are facing will help you focus on finding a solution.

I also find that the earlier I hear from a potential client, the more effective I can be in investigating the circumstances of your arrest and creating a defense for either a trial or a negotiated plea.

When you fill out my online form, or when you call me at 404-642-6333, you will hear directly from me.  I do not use junior associates to handle my cases and I do not use paralegals to screen my calls.   I am well aware that my clients depend on me to help preserve their freedom and their financial resources and I take that responsibility very, very seriously.