DUI vehicular homicide is the most serious of all DUI offenses, since by definition, someone has been killed, and the state is claiming you were driving DUI. A DUI vehicular homicide charge in Georgia can be proven in the same underlying ways as any other DUI case:

1. By showing you were above the legal limit; or
2. By showing you were impaired by alcohol to the extent you were less safe; or
3. By showing you were impaired by drugs to the extent you were less safe; or
4. By showing you were impaired by a mix of alcohol and drugs to the extent you were less safe; or
5. By showing you were impaired by inhalants to the extent you were less safe; or
6. By showing you were under the influence of a controlled substance (unlawful substance)

A DUI vehicular homicide charge is punished by a minimum of 3 and maximum of 15 years per count. In addition to facing a vehicular homicide charge for being DUI, the state can also prosecute you if you are claimed to have been:

1. Reckless driving
2. Hit and run
3. Fleeing or attempting to elude officers

The above charges are all felony vehicular homicide charges, and you may be punished with 3-15 years in prison, per count.

How we defend vehicular homicide charges

Our team at Zeliff | Watson defends vehicular homicide charges on a number of fronts. We analyze and defend the underlying DUI charge first and foremost, since it is at the core of the vehicular homicide charge. Often, in these cases, the prosecution will have blood test results, a more comprehensive SKIRT or similar type accident reconstruction report, expert witnesses on accident reconstruction, the state crime lab experts to testify about your blood-alcohol concentration, and more. Of course, we have defending against all of these types of witnesses, and know what to look for, both good and bad, when preparing our defense to DUI charges.

The stakes couldn’t be higher in a DUI homicide case. While these cases are tragic for everyone involved, the only answer the state has is to put you in prison for a long time in order for justice to be served. With so much on the line, you must have a top-tier, full competent, aggressive defense.

If you have been involved in a fatal accident and have been charged with vehicular homicide, give us a call today to setup an initial consultation to discuss your case.