DUI child endangerment charges are some of the toughest charges to defend in Georgia.  To be guilty of child endangerment, you must be DUI and have a child under 14 in the vehicle.  You face a separate charge of endangering a child for each child in the car with you.  So, if you are arrested for DUI, and had 3 children with you, you technically face a felony fourth DUI case.

How Can I Get a Endangering a Child DUI?

While a DUI child endangerment charge carries stiffer penalties, the underlying DUI case is no different from any other DUI.  With that said, the state must prove you were either less safe to drive because of alcohol or drugs, or that you were over the legal limit to drive.  The most common types of DUI we see involve either being over the limit for blood-alcohol level, or being less safe to drive from either alcohol or drugs, or both.

Your driving, interactions with the cop, field sobriety testing, and any state-administered chemical test are all important in a DUI endangering a child case.  When we start collecting and analyzing evidence, we dissect each piece of the state’s evidence in order to build your best defense to child endangerment charges.  We have a combined 20 plus years in defending DUI cases, and both came from the largest DUI law firm in the State of Georgia.

License Suspension for DUI Child Endangerment 

If you are arrested for DUI child endangerment charges, you must appeal your license being suspended within 10 days, or it will automatically go into suspension for the required time period.  The notice you received, your 1205 form, outlines how to appeal, though we urge you to have our attorneys professionally draft and send this letter to Dept. of Driver Services.  Don’t gamble with making sure your right to a fair hearing is preserved with these charges.

We Defend DUI Child Endangerment Charges

If you have been charged with child endangerment DUI, give us a call today to discuss your case.  One of the first things we will address is how to save your driver’s license from being suspended while we defend your case.  We will setup a face-to-face meeting where we will cover the facts of your case, as well as our thoughts on how we will best defend your case.