Can I drive after a DUI?

In license, license suspension by Evan Watson

Often, one of the first concerns a potential client has on their mind is driving after a DUI arrest in Georgia.  The good news is- you can drive after a DUI arrest.  There are, however, some steps to take, and pitfalls you must be aware of in order to keep your right to drive in tact.

The DUI 1205 Form

Upon release from jail, you will often not have your license, as the officer is trained to confiscate it after a DUI arrest.  You should, however, have a sheet of paper that will serve as your temporary permit.  This is what it looks like.  In short, this paper serves as your license for the next 30 days while we get your appeal filed.  You have full driving privileges during this time.  You are not limited or restricted in any way. Keep this 1205 form in your car, or on your person when operating a car.  If you are pulled over for any reason, simply show it to the officer.  They should be able to run a check through their database and see that your license is still valid, despite the pending case.

Filing an Appeal of your DUI Suspension

The next step- which must be done within 10 days- is to file an appeal with the Dept. of Driver Services. Our firm sends this letter weekly, and we are happy to get your letter sent as a courtesy to you, even if you are still deciding on which firm will ultimately represent you in your DUI.  If that is the case, we can simply transmit the letter in your name, so DDS has all of your information.  This leaves you responsible for following up and making your attorney aware of all upcoming court dates.  If you hire us, we will immediately pick up the ball and file all further paperwork with DDS and the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings.

Keeping a Permit until your Hearing

After an appeal is filed, you will receive a 90 day permit to drive that should cover you until your hearing. Again, this permit gives you full privileges to drive- not restricted or otherwise limited.  If you don’t immediately receive the new permit, don’t stress.  Your license will still show is valid in the state database.   You can always check the status of your license on the Dept. of Driver Services website.


Why Zeliff | Watson is Your Choice for DUI Defense

At Zeliff | Watson, both of your attorneys handle dozens of DUI cases each year from license appeal through trial and every step in between.  We know the ins and outs of dealing with the arresting agency, the Dept. of Driver Services, the Office of State Administrative Hearings, and your local court.  Both of our lawyers are passionate about defending your rights and achieving the best possible result in your case and minimizes any lasting effects of a DUI arrest.

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