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Monday Morning Atlanta DUI Court

In Atlanta Municipal Court, Choosing a lawyer, dui by Evan Watson

Chances are, if you were arrested for DUI over the weekend, you will have Monday morning Atlanta DUI Court.  This is no mistake: Atlanta is the only court system out there that will have a first court date within days of your arrest, but they will, in fact, have court the Monday after you were arrested.  Do not blow this court date off, or believe anyone who tells you that you don’t need to attend.  If you used a professional bond company, they should make sure to tell you about this Monday morning, or sometimes 3pm court date.

What happens at my Monday morning DUI Court?

At this first court date, you will be given a new court date for 2 weeks to 30 days out so you can have time to interview and hire a lawyer if you have not already done so.  If you do have a lawyer, we will answer up for you and make sure the court has all required information and filings for your case.  In fact, if you hire a lawyer before court, you do not have to attend this Monday court session.  Is does not ‘help’ your case to attend, so I frequently tell clients not to burn the time off work- let us take care of this first court session.

Will a deal be reached at this Monday court?

No.  At this first DUI court session, the prosecutor will not have much of any, if any, information or evidence from your case.  Generally, we have more information about the case, as you have provided us with copies of your arrest paperwork and detailed narrative of the events.  Do not worry about missing the deal of the century: the prosecutor in Atlanta will not drop a DUI case at this first hearing, and no, the officer who arrested you does not need to show up to court.  This sometimes works for speeding tickets and the like, but usually only at a second court date where the case is scheduled for trial.

What courtroom do I go to for my DUI in Atlanta?

Courtroom 5A of the Atlanta Municipal Court is where all DUI cases are currently heard in Atlanta.  The Atlanta Municipal Court is located at: 150 Garnett Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30303.

If you have been arrested on suspicion of DUI and have court in Atlanta Municipal Court, call or text me today at (404) 590-6642.  I have weekend appointments available at my Dunwoody office to discuss your case and make arrangements for Monday court.