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While many areas of law are black and white, Georgia DUI defense is not one of them. If you’ve been charged with Driving Under the Influence in Georgia, there are a multitude of often intertwining laws that create an often dizzying array of potential hurdles in defending your case.

Since 2008, Evan Watson has defended DUI cases. After spending the first 3 years of his legal career at one of the nation’s largest DUI defense firms, Evan founded his current firm, Zeliff | Watson, with his law partner Peter Zeliff. Together, Evan and Peter log hundreds of hours in the courtroom every year defending clients accused of DUI. Both attorneys also attend regular training seminars and update courses in DUI law in Georgia.

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Is Getting a DUI a Big Deal?

YES! It’s a Record Destroyer. Find out more about what happens when you are charged with a DUI.

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Metro Atlanta and North Georgia Courts, incl. Municipal, State, Recorder’s, and Superior Courts.

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